Paleolicous Bread Mix, Pancake Mix, Cookie Mix, and Ready To Eat Products.


Products are currently offered to San Luis Obispo County Locals with Free Delivery!

Paleolicious Bread Co. believes that everyone, no matter what their body dictates due to allergies or illness, should be able to enjoy bread and other foods. Paleolicious Bread Co. also thinks that bread that is grain free and gluten free should taste amazing. Paleolicious Bread Co. products taste so good that you will never miss regular bread products again!

Grain free, gluten free, dairy free, gum free, sugar free, yeast free, and preservative free. Nothing artificial. It’s high fiber, high protein, and low carb, making the perfect balance. Paleolicious bread and other products are homemade, with the highest quality ingredients and insanely good. Say goodbye to dry gluten free bread!

“Now you can have your bread and eat it too!”

Paleolicious Bread Co. has expanded with more baked goods and now is selling our baking mixes. Now everyone can enjoy Paleolicious bakery products no matter where they live and so easy for anyone to bake!