Amanda’s Story

Paleolicious Bread Co. was started in 2016 by Amanda Brown in her small, mid century home kitchen. Amanda and her daughter both were going through sudden health problems at the same time. Different symptoms but both very hard to pinpoint or diagnose. Amanda was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, a chronic, painful and incurable disease of the bladder. It is somewhat manageable like most autoimmune diseases, especially through diet. Amanda and her daughter, always had a healthy diet and exercised regularly. Her daughter had already been gluten free and dairy free for several years. When these changes in their health both occurred it was surprising, confusing, expensive and depressing. Both lived in pain and lethargy everyday. Her daughter was barely able to get out of bed.


Many tears were shed at this time of their lives. Amanda had already an extensive background in the nutrition and fitness industry, to know that food plays a huge role in either hurting the body or healing the body. 

On her rather obsessed quest to feel better, but most importantly to get her daughter back to being a normal active teen, she researched many different diets and protocols. She did know that her daughter and she both had inflammation and inflammation causes pain. They eliminated so much out of their diets, yet only to lead to more frustration. Amanda came across “grain free” diets online which coincides with Paleo usually. Grains, not just gluten can really cause havoc on some people’s gut and immune system, causing lots of inflammation. 

Her daughter had nausea and abdominal discomfort daily. Amanda had to come up with food for her daughter that was extremely restrictive but appealing just to get her to eat. Her daughter was also a vegetarian, this was not easy! Amanda also knows from being a nutrition consultant how important satiety is. She thought,” we are already so sad for how sudden and how much our lives have drastically changed, I just want a darn sandwich!”

Amanda started trying out “grain free” bread recipes she found online. Some tasted pretty good but were extremely fattening, expensive and heavy. Many were sweet, not for sandwiches. Many were just horrible tasting. She also needed a recipe that didn’t take all day to make, she’s a single mom who already runs multiple business’. After much trial and error, she came up with the Paleolicious bread recipe. She would spend her weekend nights baking and baking, until she got it right. It’s light, soft, not dry, grain free and simple. She thought, what if I can start making this for other people? Through her own ordeal she was always reminded that so many other people were so much worse off than she was with their health.


She thought, “What if I could bring joy to other people who are suffering and would just love to eat something normal. How great it would be for them to be able to sit down and eat something as simple as a sandwich with their child and it not cause them physical pain.” Amanda didn’t know until going through it herself how depressing it was to not to be able to eat the same thing with her family. Amanda also knew how important it was to make a product that has nothing artificial, no sugar and yeast free.

Amanda started baking more bread and giving it to friends and family. Always asking what their opinion was of it. People loved it and wanted more. She started meeting more people in her community who were going through health problems and found support. Most importantly, her daughter loved it. Amanda proceeded to get her kitchen certified through the health department under the Cottage Act so she could really start selling her bread in stores and to the public.

Since then, Paleolicious is now sold in several stores in Paso Robles and more will soon as she expands. Amanda still sells bread directly to people who contact her. Now bread can be ordered online through this website.

Amanda and her daughter are not cured, but are much better than before. Her daughter was finally diagnosed with a severe case of MTHFR, H Pylori and a low thyroid. Amanda does not claim that her bread made them any better but it never made them any worse like many other foods could. It gave them happiness to be able to eat something so nourishing and great tasting that they didn’t have to feel guilty about. During the last two years, Amanda asked the universe many times, “why?, why did this have to happen to us?” Now she knows the answer. To make bread for the masses who want to eat a clean, grain free, gluten free bread that tastes amazing!

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