Paleolicious Donuts

1/2 dozen, $15

Grain Free
Naturally Gluten Free
No Dairy
No Sugar
No Gums
No Soy
No Corn


We give our personal guarantee, these are one the best Paleo doughnuts ever! When creating these guiltless treats, we first used the more traditional Paleo doughnut recipe, using all almond flour.  They became dry quickly and were too heavy. 

We thought, why don’t we use our own special Paleolicious flour recipe and come up with a moist and lighter doughnut?  We did and now we can’t decide if they should be for breakfast or desert!  Either way, they are truly Paleo.  Sweetened with maple syrup only, including frosting. Each doughnut is frosted by hand.


Donut Flavors: Chocolate or vanilla doughnuts

Frostings or toppings: Raw chocolate frosting, Vanilla glaze with coconut flakes, Cinnamon and coconut sugar topping

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