Amanda’s Story

Paleolicious Bread Co. was started in 2017 by Amanda Brown in her small home kitchen. Amanda and her daughter, Zoe, both were going through sudden health problems at the same time. Different symptoms but both very hard to pinpoint or diagnose and  seemed  autoimmune related. Amanda and her daughter always had a healthy diet and exercised regularly. Her daughter had already been gluten free and dairy free for several years. When these changes in their health both occurred it was surprising, expensive and disheartening. Both lived in pain and lethargy everyday at only 16 & 41 years old, this was a complete 180 from the active lives they were so used to. Her daughter was barely able to get out of bed and could no longer attend regular school. Doctor appointments in both Western & Eastern medicine were now always in their weekly schedules and at times traveling hundreds of miles a day. 

Many tears of frustration were shed at this time. Amanda already had an extensive background in the nutrition and fitness industry, to know that food plays a huge role in either hurting the body or healing the body. 

On her rather obsessed quest to get them both better, but most importantly to get her daughter back to being a normal active teen, she researched many different diets and protocols. She did know that her daughter and she both had inflammation and inflammation causes pain.


They eliminated so much out of their diets, yet only to lead to more frustration and no relief in sight. Amanda came across and decided to try grain free diets or better known as Paleo. Grains, not just gluten can really cause havoc on some people’s gut and immune system, leading to many health problems or making existing ones much worse. The paleo diet also forbids refined sugar, soy, dairy, legumes, peanuts, yeast  and potato. Amanda bought a few expensive Paleo products, especially bread and they did not taste good at all. That’s when Amanda realized she was going to have to make almost everything they ate from scratch.

Her daughter had nausea and abdominal discomfort daily. Amanda had to create foods that were extremely restrictive but tasty to get her to eat. Her daughter was also a vegetarian, this was not easy! Amanda also knows from being a nutrition consultant how important satiety is. She thought,” we are already so sad for how sudden and how much our lives have drastically changed, I just want something simple, like a sandwich!”

Amanda started trying out “grain free” bread recipes she found online. Some tasted pretty good but were extremely fattening, expensive and heavy. Many were sweet for dessert and many were horrible tasting. She also needed a recipe that wasn’t complicated and  didn’t take all day to make, she’s a single mom who already runs multiple business’. After some trial and error, she came up with the Paleolicious bread recipe. It’s light, soft, not dry, and easy to make. She thought, what if I can start making this for other people? Through her own ordeal she realized how grateful she was for the good health she still had and that so many other people were so much worse than she was with their health. She wanted to pay it forward to people who really needed it, especially children who are suffering from food allergies or autoimmune issues. How great it would be for them to be able to sit down and eat something as simple as a cookie or pancakes with their family and it not cause them physical pain, yet taste like the real thing! 


At the same time, Amanda created a plant based bacon, made out of organic coconut. As mentioned before, Amanda’s daughter was practically vegan, except for local eggs.  Amanda knew if she created more tasty foods for them to eat the better chance of them getting better. But also what drove her was creating foods that came from sustainable sources and cruelty free. 

Amanda started baking more bread and coconut bacon and giving it to friends and family. People loved it and wanted more. Most importantly, her daughter loved it. Slowly her daughter started to get better.  Amanda proceeded to get her kitchen certified so she could start selling her bread and coconut bacon in stores and to the public. 

That’s how Paleolicious Bread Co was created. Amanda then created paleo bread mix, paleo pancake mix, grain free cookie mix, vegan paleo crackers, and their very popular vegan paleo cookies. She expanded to several local stores throughout San Luis Obispo County. She now has two employees and is in a commercial kitchen. People nationwide can also get her products on Amazon & Etsy. 

It took about 3 years for them to recover and they still have to be very mindful of their responsibility to their health. Her daughter was finally diagnosed with a severe case of MTHFR, and a low thyroid. But a large part of her issues were from all the years prior eating gluten laden foods and not realizing she was allergic to it. Cutting all yeast and minimizing sugar out of their diets helped tremendously too. Amanda does not claim that her bread and her other Paleo products cured them but her Paleolicious foods gave them the nourishment they needed without the bad stuff. Amanda many times reminds herself that out of struggle and pain, something always better comes out of it. She now realizes it’s to make paleo bread, cookies, crackers  & coconut bacon for the masses who want to eat clean, paleo, grain free, gluten free plant based foods that taste amazing!

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