Paleolicious Bread Mix

$14.79 – 11.5 oz bag


Gluten Free
Grain Free
Naturally Gluten Free
No Dairy
No Sugar
No Gums
No Soy
No Corn


We only use organic, sustainably farmed cassava flour We only use local grown almonds for our almond flour Easy to Make. Only eggs, ACV and water needed Instructions for dinner roll option included!


“So easy a caveman can bake it”

We believe everyone, no matter what their body dictates due to allergies, illness or diet plan should be able to enjoy as many foods as possible. We stand strong in our belief, if you can’t pronounce all the ingredients, you shouldn’t eat it. We are committed to providing the best tasting GRAIN FREE, GLUTEN FREE, PALEO BREAD and bakery items with all fresh, high quality, wholesome, natural goodness, you would expect of home made. Always maintaining our integrity to our products, the ingredients we use, our impact on the environment and minimizing animal product as much as possible is our promise to you. Enjoy!

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