Our original creation & recipe is our Paleolicious sandwich bread.  We love the crunchy outer crust and the soft center.  The aroma of bread baking in the oven, is so comforting.  It’s hard to wait for the loaf to cool down enough before you cut into it.  And that’s when I thought how I should sell the mix of the bread, so that people across the world could have the same wonderful experience as I do, when baking my own bread.  But not only bread but amazing gluten free paleo bread!  So even more people could enjoy it!  Another great aspect is that it is super easy to make.  Just add 2 eggs, apple cider vinegar and water.  That’s it!  You can mix the batter with just a whisk. It’s that easy! Now everyone can enjoy the wonderful butter smell of the almond flour baking and rising in their oven. Add pumpkin and maple syrup for an pumpkin bread.  Another option is to pour the prepared batter in a greased cup cake pan. Now you have dinner rolls.  These little rolls make the best quick snack.  I love to hear the creations our friends & customers come up with.  You can get your own bad of Paleolicious Bread Baking Mix by clicking the order now button.  It will take you to my Amazon store.  If you live in San Luis Obispo Co.  it will take you to a website called Harvestly.  All of my items will be there for you to order at a great price & free delivery.  And as always all of our products     are made with organic cassava, non gmo almond flour and high omega 3 flax meal.

paleo bread mix